RNF – A lot of virtual ink spilt over a divisive word distracts from the issue at hand and accomplishes little.

It merely accomplishes what it has set out to do…

tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.
“the highly divisive issue of abortion”
synonyms: alienating, estranging, isolating, schismatic
“a divisive scheme to set his rivals against each other”

A word alone does not have the power to kill or enslave, resuscitate or free. It is merely dialogue distraction via dysfunctional displacement. Systemic denial of the pervasive evil behind it is at issue.

As far as I am concerned the word itself is nothing more than an intellect, or rather lack thereof, indicator of the individual who wields it. Similar to a sad, unfortunate flag that serves as an easy indicator of those who have yet to fully grasp who actually won a most uncivil war. Besides neither can legally be stopped last I checked so if a random stranger would like to free up some precious processing power by readily identifying themselves as a potential deviant or dullard up front before I assume fully functioning faculties are in place so be it.

After the bloviating ceases what has been accomplished? Absolutely nothing.

Aside from gather agitated eyes for the outlets perpetuating this nonsense to sell to advertisers or serve as an easy social media PR tool that is.

They mean us no harm. Everyone has bills to pay. Those studio lights, satellites, and long nights of pundit fights aren’t going to just pay for themselves you know. But that does not mean no harm is done. Those who remain distracted by an emotional row over ancillary issues will never gain any ground on root issues requiring intelligent dialogue to secure lasting solutions.


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