Fisheye! (Said in the voice of Gru yelling freeze ray.) aka lens as gift day 1

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Yesterday Samsung Camera surprised me with a gift in the form of an NX 10mm f3.5 fisheye lens. I am beyond appreciative. I love fisheye lenses and this is a fantastic one. Fast, accurate autofocus and amazingly compact. It is barely larger than my 30mm f2.0 pancake. I tend to lift up products I like, and have done so merely out of appreciation for a company turning out a well thought out product with no expectation of a return. One of my favorite stores was kind enough to gift me a hat for my birthday this year:

but I had not yet witnessed Samsung’s level of generosity before. Before this I already liked Samsung’s photography products so much that I traded in gear from two other companies to double down on Samsung. This is customer appreciation on 11. It started with a follow that caught my attention immediately and not too long after came this:

and after a few friendly DM exchanges I received this just a few days after:

Enough talk. Here are my shots from day one…

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