So to recap… Cuss’ and wave gun menacingly at protesters on camera gets…

So to recap…

  • Shoot unarmed teen off camera with arms raised dead gets paid desk duty, a ‘but he’s a nice guy’ speech (may be true, but last I checked that does not exempt one from appalling lapses in judgement nor prosecution) and a victim character assassination side swipe by the chief (a la Patrick Dorismond in NYC years ago where Guilani released Dorismond’s sealed juvenile record at a press conference the next day following an unarmed Dorismond being shot dead by an undercover cop. I was living in NYC at the time and was so incensed that it was burned in to my memory. Another callous example is the announcement by police in the wake of the Diallo shooting that NYC police would be switching to hollow point bullets because the barrage of bullets fired at an unarmed black man passed through the building and could have harmed others. Um, but what about Diallo? This is not isolated to MO, but reaches coast to coast from NYC to as recently as the delay of Ezell Ford’s autopsy release in LA just this week.).
  • Cuss’ and wave gun menacingly at protesters on camera gets unpaid suspension and tough words from superiors…

The latter makes sense. The former is foul any way you slice it.

It will not address the root issue of a vein of officials (I do not believe all or even most are corrupt, but one is too many and I believe I can safely say that we are well beyond that threshold.) that think they are above the law “I am the law” Judge Dredd style officers as judge, jury, and executioners but me thinks a start would be mandatory on camera police activities with suspension and termination for officers that do not comply and actual repercussions for departments that do not comply. If you can get tanks, seemingly endless supplies of tear gas and military assault rifles and other gear you can surely get dash and body cams.

Do not fall prey to those who reference cases having nothing to do with this and nonsensical references to other unrelated facts or events. They seek only to agitate, aggravate, irritate, obfuscate, intimidate, and spread hate. Keep the main thing, the main thing, Let’s not even add race to this narrative for the sake of my point.

In the course of a few isolated moments one day in MO an officer sworn to serve and protect that had no knowledge of any infractions committed above jaywalking repeatedly shot until dead an unarmed teenager .

Jaywalking leads to a teenage son lying face down, dead in the street.

Who would accept this outcome without outcry if this was their son? I ask because I have not yet met such a person.


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