Gallery: Duke Gardens with Samsung 30mm f2.0 and NX300…

Not a lens review per se, but before posting some images from a spur of the moment visit to Duke Gardens I would like to add a few words. I purposely left my DSLR, it’s lenses (all of which I adore), and even the wonderful 45mm f1.8 my NX300 came with behind. Why? It was hot and I did not want to carry anything I did not have to. Also bringing an additional lens to swap had ‘lens slipping through sweaty palms’ written all over it. Lastly this was a quick unplanned visit and I wanted to spend more time taking in the scenery and less time contemplating the correct camera or lens to use. One lens, one camera solved all of the above. Quick pros/cons:


  • Takes purdy pictures.
  • Fast lens at f2.0. Remarkably fast considering the fact that it is a true pancake lens.
  • Small. Of course smaller than my much loved Nikon 35mm f1.8 (that is a DSLR lens after all), but also smaller than the 25mm f1.8 I enjoyed with my previous mirrorless, the Olympus E-P5.
  • Good low light performance.
  • I am pleased with the quality of the bokeh this lens produces.
  • Sharp.
  • Fast to focus with the NX300.
  • Reasonably priced, especially with mark downs available when purchased.
  • A light and compact lens well suited to the NX300.
  • Sturdily constructed with a metal mount.
  • Takes purdy pictures.


  • No iFn button like the 45mm… Yep, that is about it. No big whoop.

Teaming this lens with the NX300 makes for a very small package that packs a considerable punch. Consider this. All in I had spent $724 (plus tax) for an APS-C sized sensor mirrorless and 2 primes. That is considerably less than the body only outlay required for more well known systems, mirrorless or DSLR. Considerably less than quite a few lenses I had considered as well. Enough of my rambling. Here is a link to the ongoing gallery and here are sample pics below:



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