Quote of the day courtesy Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Part 1 of a 1 part series.

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“…we shouldn’t lose sight that racism is the true enemy. He’s just another jerk with more money than brains.

So, if we’re all going to be outraged, let’s be outraged that we weren’t more outraged when his racism was first evident. Let’s be outraged that private conversations between people in an intimate relationship are recorded and publicly played. Let’s be outraged that whoever did the betraying will probably get a book deal, a sitcom, trade recipes with Hoda and Kathie Lee, and soon appear on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars.” -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Pardon me while I stand up and start slowly clapping building up in to uproarious applause. Just a glorious bit of writing right there. Thank you Mr. Abdul-Jabbar for providing a voice of reason (keeping the main thing the main thing if you will) among the deafening din of talking head squawking.

As long as the populace prefers the occasional pablum strength witch hunt and being distracted daily by matters of no consequence over the work of addressing real issues around us this will continue on as is after the dust settles. Take a good look at what passes as news and ask “What really matters?” Anyway my two cents goes like this:

Young men line up to be picked through, bid upon, signed, given finite means disguised as riches by those with true wealth, then played, traded and thrown aside without a second thought once no longer of any value to the entities in power. Nothing personal Sonny, strictly business. (M. Corleone) All for the amusement of the masses until someone occasionally slips and exposes the unpleasant underbelly of it all. Yes, let’s all engage in verbal fisticuffs regarding who is the premiere player at a given moment or of all time while few can name their local elected officials. By the by did you get the latest jersey or wildly overpriced kicks? More about class than race. All are free to be distracted by matters of no real consequence in the grand scheme… Back to the task at hand. There will be much hype and bluster, someone will be sacrificed on the media alter of capitalism and then business will continue as usual. But what do I know. I do not really follow sports. -ELW


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