RNF – Photography, the propers, and life…

The thing most apparent to me (and what I both love and loathe most, making it most fascinating) about photography is that, while at times fleeting, the conditions that precede capturing a glimpse of beauty are proper:

  • Perspective: Knowing where to stand in order to see the beauty in the mundane that passes others by.
  • Preparation: Learning to bring your tools wherever you go so as not to be left unprepared when the big moment comes.
  • Persistence: Not letting a few days, weeks, etc. of seeing nothing slow you down or diminish your resolve to push on.
  • Patience: With ones self and with conditions and those around you. Cutting all some slack.
  • Practice: Constant pursuit of knowledge and skill, and as my father says. “Never being stupid enough to think you know everything.” While there is breath to draw one is never truly done, but always preparing to reach for the next rung.
  • Perception. What is clearly genius to some, will be indecipherable to others.

The more I think about this little hobby I love the same applies to witnessing, and at time capturing, glimpses of beauty in every day life as well.


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