Happened to be one of millions in Manhattan starting my work day that morning (at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on 68th & 1st). The moment I heard the 1st report I ran down the stairs in disbelief and, even from such a distance, saw smoke pouring out of the 1st Tower struck. So close and yet so far away. Much of the day after that was a blur of bewildering information coming in before the mind could fully process it. To this day I cannot recall how I got home. Once off of the express bus the next morning Manhattan was silent. A city in mourning. A city in shock. Not a car or bike moving. Surreal. That silence declared loudly that things would never be quite the same again.


I will continually keep those that lost life, were injured physically or emotionally, lost loved ones or have been impacted by the aftermath in any way in my prayers.


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