RNF – Seek greatness yet to be revealed instead of accepting the mediocrity that is in view.

The first random neural firing I remember occurred while sitting in a 4th grade classroom at Maywood Elementary in Colonie, NY and it was simply this.

Accept mediocrity as your friend and failure will soon be your bedfellow. -ELW (Age 11)

I now realize that statement became the backbone of my life. Seek what you want instead of accepting whatever comes your way. Years ago a friend looked at my resume and commented that I only have worked for well recognized and respected organizations.  My response was simply, “I am not a rocket scientist, but I have only applied to recognized, well respected companies that I wanted to work for and were willing to pay what I was looking for. Many more companies have said no than yes, but I never alter my standard.” I did not accept mediocrity. Settling seems innocent enough, but it reaps terrible consequences where persistence was called for instead.

Seek greatness yet to be revealed instead of accepting the mediocrity that is in view. -ELW (about 10 minutes ago)

Simple and easy are not synonymous. Staying true to ones standard is simple, but not at all easy. My father and mother had a plan for life that carried them from before I was born, further back before they met each other, on back all the way to their childhood to where they are today. Everything they shared with me as a child they have achieved. They each had a standard and in their union came the union of their standards rather than a discounting of one for the other. They never backed down from their standard.

Right now vs. Purpose

I have made my mistakes, but the one thing that has sustained me through it all is not settling. I had to make a lot of difficult decisions.  Right now wanted to keep relationships, but purpose told me they had to end. Right now wanted to stay, but purpose told me I had to leave. Right now wanted to leave, but purpose told me to stay. Right now wanted me to scream at the top of my lungs and give up, but purpose told me to remain calm and push on. Looking back purpose was always right. Every surrender to right now ended in moving backwards. We all must find our own path, our own purpose. If you do not find your purpose you will be left serving your right now.

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your standard?
  • What is your dream?

I have met those who have said they do not have a destination or they do not know what their purpose is. Their dream. I would wager that it would often be more accurate to say that many had a destination, a dream at some point, but lack of patience, naysayers, doubt and fear have caused them to mislabel their dreams as fantasies.

The only defeat is surrender. Never surrender your purpose. Never surrender your standard. Never surrender your dream.


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