Take 2: Olympus M.Zuiko 40‑150mm F/4.0‑5.6 ED

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As shared in a recent post I have re-entered the MFT system. With that I have started re-acquiring my favorite lenses from my earlier foray and acquiring a few that have become available since. Some are an amazing value and this lens sits on top of the MFT, or any system, bang for buck pile in my opinion. The Olympus M.Zuiko 40‑150mm F/4.0‑5.6 ED.


What is the fuss? Glad you asked. New this rings in at $99 right now and used (my favorite way to buy) it costs no more than about $70 for the latest version. Less for earlier iterations. And it does this (Co-Op City, The Bronx):

Co-Op City, The Bronx

and this (butterfly house, Durham Life and Science Museum):

Butterfly house

and a little of this (Central Park, NYC):

NYC - Archives, Central Park

And those are with the entry level and not so new E-PL5 that I used years ago. Here is a quick sample shot that confirmed my expectations.

Olympus PEN-F

I will leave off with some pluses, a minus, and a link to a sample gallery.


  • Small and lightweight. Not talking IQ or equivalent apertures, of course, but reach. Here is a quick shot comparing the size of a full frame 70-200mm f/4 to this 80-300mm full frame equivalent. _1000531This is a zoom that reaches 300m that is also small and lightweight enough to work with a wrist strap and small enough not to raise alarm bells while out and about.
  • Sharp. Check out the shots above of the basketball court in The Bronx and the butterfly. Even cropped in at 100% I really could not ask for more.
  • Great colors.
  • Quick, accurate, and silent focusing.
  • Value. I know of no other factory, brand new tele-zoom lens that comes in for less than $100 that is this good.
  • Focuses fairly closely at 150mm which can produce some impressive subject isolation and bokeh for less than $100.

Minus (Kind of):

  • Slow aperture, as is the usual for budget zooms, but combined with Olympus in-camera stabilization this has never been an issue in use.

Lastly here is a link to an ongoing gallery that includes pictures from my first MFT run. Happy shooting.


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